Mother-In-Law: Mayes Obsessed With Bain Girls

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Stephanie Scurlock with WREG Reporting,

(Whiteville, TN) Teresa Mayes is charged with murder along with her husband because she told investigators she witnessed Adam Mayes kill Jo Ann Bain and knew he killed her eldest daughter, Adrienne.

She even told officers she drove the car to Mississippi to help dispose of the bodies.

Her mother gave us some insight into why her daughter would possibly play a role in something so gruesome and heartless.

Josie Tate can’t believe the daughter she raised would willingly participate in the murders of Jo Ann and Adrienne Bain and assist  in the kidnapping of the other two girls, “If Teresa had anything to do with it, she was forced.”

She said her daughter, Teresa, was scared of Adam Mayes.

Two years ago, she said Teresa came to her Chatsworth, GA home to get away from him, “This is her exact words. Tired of getting slammed against the walls, knocked around and beat on.” 

It was during that visit, Tate said her daughter described his obsession with the two youngest Bain girls, the two girls he has now kidnapped.

Teresa said Adam told her he thought he was the girls’ biological father.

“He lived, sleeped, eat and breathed nothing but these two children,” said Tate.

Tate said she met Adam Mayes when he was just 10 years old, when his family moved next door to them in Florida.

She said Mayes manipulates her daughter, who she says, suffers from a mental disability.

She hopes her daughter is able to properly defend herself against the murder charge.

As for Adam Mayes, “Adam. Please. You destroyed one family. You’re destroying my family. You took my daughter from me. Please turn yourself in. Don’t hurt anybody else,“ she said.