NWACC Moving Forward with Springdale Center

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A Northwest Arkansas Community College committee has recommended building an instructional center in Springdale.

After years of planning and negotiations, northwest Arkansas community college`s land use committee has pinpointed what they say is a favorable location for NWACC’s newest campus.

The college’s Land Use Committee made the decision during a meeting Thursday morning at the Bentonville campus.

If all goes according to plan, the new campus will be on the land adjacent to the Arvest Ballpark in Springdale.

 “We have a blank canvas out there that is beautiful property that`s going to be an amazing development over time as the economy recovers,” said Mayor Sprouse.

Perry Webb, president/CEO of the Springdale Chamber, says NWACC has been very receptive to the locations the chamber has submitted.

"We were fortunate to have multiple sites in Springdale that met NWACC's need for visibility and accessibility," added Webb. "If negotiations between the college and Mr. [Philip] Taldo [landowner] are successful, this venue and the adjacent Arvest Ballpark will further enhance Springdale as the preferred site for future regional development."

Bill Rogers, with Springdale chamber of commerce, says building the new NWACC branch near Arvest Ballpark will ensure future growth in that area.

Springdale is also working on a plan to build an interchange at 540 and Don Tyson. Rogers says the interchange will give increased access to the property, adding even more value to this development.

Approximately 40 percent of those currently enrolled at NWACC live in Washington County, which is roughly 1,600 students.

“We have a couple of satellite facilities here now and once they decided to build this Washington County Campus, here in Springdale, then I`m sure that number will continue to grow,” said Mayor Sprouse.

Plans are still in the negotiation stages so there is no set time frame for the project; but, Mayor Sprouse says it will be worth the wait.

“I don`t know how quickly it`s coming, I know there are things that have to be worked through but the City is going to be very supportive of NWACC coming to Springdale,” said Mayor Sprouse. “We will work any way we can to help them make that the greatest transition it can be.”

City officials say groundbreaking could happen as early as this year.