Arrests Made After Fayetteville Homes Were Burglarized

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Police arrest four men connected to a string of burglaries in Fayetteville. Investigators said the burglaries happened in the same area.

Toby Hedge lives in one of four homes burglarized by the same group of suspected thieves. He lives on Wilton Court on the west side of Fayetteville.

"All the drawers were pulled out. Turned over and my mattress was flipped. I mean they've gone through everything," Toby Hedge said.

Police arrested Justin Tomlinson, Fernando Rocha, Scott Martini and Franklin Dodds, all 18-years-old, all from Fayetteville and all accused of home break-ins.

When Hedge got home, his headphones, MacBook, his pistol, which was a gift, and guitar were gone, among other things. However, the last two he did get back.

"I think when it was all added up it was like $15,000 or so between the two of us," Hedge said.

Those who live close by said they are relieved the four were caught and they will make sure and take extra precautions when leaving their homes.

"I think if you live in a safe neighborhood the assumption is that everything is OK here but we're careful and we do lock our doors and now we will be even more careful now," said Ana Bridges, who lives on American Drive where another home was burglarized.

Those like Hedge said he's also glad they are behind bars.

"To think that someone can just come in, take everything from you and get away with it because the odds of catching them were pretty low but I'm glad the police did, they are caught and they are paying the price now," Hodge said.

Police said the thieves pawned most of the belongings and Hedge said some things are irreplaceable.

"Like some notes that my girlfriend wrote me were in this backpack that they took and I won't get those back. There's a lot of things like that are just gone," Hodge said.

A stolen TV from one of those homes was found at a pawn shop, which led authorities to the suspected thieves. The four men were charged with counts of residential burglary and theft of property.