Charleston Senior to Graduate with Perfect Attendance

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A senior at Charleston High School will graduate Friday without ever missing a day of class.

“It was really hard to do a couple times. I’m not gone lie,” said Thad LyBrand.

Thad says if class was in session kindergarten through 12th grade he was there. “I’ve come to school feeling crappy numerous times and I’ve just worked my way through it,” said Thad.

The band member and football player, balanced school work and extra-curricular activities season after season. “During first semester I wouldn’t get home until almost six,” said Thad.

Thad says his mom motivated him to attend school. “Each day you get up and go to school,” said Janie LyBrand, Thad’s mom, “It’s a school day. We go to school. That’s just the way it is.”

Thad admitted getting up is not always easy. His parents have a solution. “He’ll just take a big old cup of ice water,” said Thad, “He’ll just dump it right on my bed.”

Janie says the streak was nearly broken by bad food in the 10th grade. Thad missed a half day of school. “He was bound and determined, but he couldn’t make it the whole day,” said Janie, “He called and said ‘I can’t. I really want to stay, but I can’t.’ He was in the bathroom throwing up.”

Janie says her son always enjoyed school. He likes learning and socializing.

Thad plans to continue his perfect attendance record at Arkansas State University. 5NEWS asked Thad who will wake him up in college. He said, “Probably my roommate.”

Thad plans to major in mechanical engineering and eventually join the United States Air Force.