General Public Not Allowed at Walmart Shareholder Concerts

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The annual Walmart Shareholder’s Meeting and its concerts are just a couple weeks away but the tickets to see the big name acts are already sold out.

All the tickets have been claimed by Walmart associates and there will be none available for the general public.

In years past, people lined up outside Bud Walton Arena in Fayetteville to wait for free unused tickets to see the big-name acts appearing every year at Walmart's shareholder concerts.

This year instead of associates waiting in line to get their tickets at the door, they`ll have them before they walk up.

Last weekend Walmart associates all across the world were able to claim four tickets each at kiosks inside stores and through Ticketmaster.

The tickets were all claimed, and that means if you`re not a Walmart associate or you can’t get a ticket from one, you won’t be seeing acts like Carrie Underwood and Aerosmith.

This year Walmart officials say even if seats are empty, they will not be given to the public.

The concerts are for the associates, as a way to say thank you for their hard work during the year, according to the company.

Some say they believe Walmart could have done something to allow the public in, as they have before.

"Walmart, and especially the way Sam Walton’s always been, or the way they talk about the way he's always been, how he's about the people and about how he wants to take care of the common man, I guess it would be,” said one man 5NEWS spoke with. “It seems kind of odd that he would keep those people that he always cherished, you'd keep those people out of events like that."

On Tuesday, May 29, Carrie Underwood will take the stage at Bud Walton Arena with a surprise guest. The following night Aerosmith and Cheap Trick will perform.

The actual shareholder meeting will be held on Friday, June 1st at 7 a.m. After the meeting there will be a 30 minute live question and answer session with company executives for shareholders.