Two Candidates Battle For New Arkansas Senate Seat

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Republicans Bart Hester and Tim Summers, battling for the State Senate District One seat.

One of the two men from Benton County will hold this new position created because of population growth in the area.

Hester is a political newcomer, while Summers is a veteran.

'”I feel like I represent a younger generation with a bunch of new ideas, we`re willing to make some drastic changes to change things in government and I think that`s what I need, Just to go along get along is not getting anything done for us,” says Hester.

“II think if you look at experience that a key factor here when you look at the time I spent in both in the house, Quorum Court and Bentonville City Council,” adds Summers.

Each candidate is focusing on certain issues, Summers says job growth and Hester says no new taxes.

“My strategy all along has been for people to get paycheck so they can purchase items and pay taxes. In my opinion paychecks solve a lot of problems, let’s put people to work, let`s get everybody getting a paycheck,” says Summers.

“I think the number one issue is the issue of taxing, when corporations and businesses and individuals are taxed to much they pull back, they withdrawal, they’re not expanding business and we`re not growing business, you`re not hiring ne people , less taxes more jobs,” adds Hester.

And here`s something that you might not about them

“Not very frequently you would catch me in a business suit.  I’m more of a white t-shirt, boots kind of guy,” says Hester.

“I’m a very proud grandfather, probably people know that, but my grandchildren live in Fayetteville and I’m just so excited about getting to spend time with them,” says Summers.

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