Academy Sports Coming to Fayetteville

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After a year of talk and negotiations, Academy Sports is coming to Fayetteville.  Work on the site began Thursday.

Chamber of Commerce President, Steve Clark says outdoor enthusiasts won't have to drive to Rogers to get their sporting goods.

"We'll be surprised honestly if people drive from Washington County drive to Benton County to go to Academy.  Whether you live in Elkins, Lincoln, West Fork, Greenland, Fayetteville, or Springdale it's just that much more close to you."

The future home of Academy Sports is right off Steele Boulevard next to Malco Theater.

“We have the Malco just right over here; we have the mall quarter mile of the way, all the business around here.  And how many enthusiasts to hike, camp and all kinds of stuff, I think business will really go out."

Clark says Academy Sports chose this spot because of the trails.

“We have thousands of people on the trail every day and we have people that don't use the trail just for recreation it's a ribbon of commerce literally there are people that I know that ride their bike from different parts of the town to other parts of our community to go have dinner or go get yogurt," explains Clark.

And trail users say they couldn't have asked for a better location.

“It just increases business, people stop by on the way on the trail, produce bike travel especially if they put out bikes, families, walking on the trail, it's awesome,” says Jared Gardner.

Clark says Academy Sports saw the growth in the community and believes this store will bring even more.

“With the growth of the University and growth of the population. Last year Fayetteville created a thousand new jobs and 218 new businesses so, it's a vibrant community experiencing some exciting growth,” adds Clark.

The $2 million project will bring 125 jobs.  Clark says Academy sports should open just before Christmas.