Summer Travel: Protect Yourself from Pickpockets

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(CNN) The best way to protect your money and credit cards on vacation may be to think like a thief.

Joe Carter spent some time with a pickpocketing expert, for some tips on how to keep your things safe.  

Pickpockets are everywhere tourists are, and Bob Arno should know. He calls himself "a pickpocket artist."

Arno travels the world, watching pickpockets and studying their techniques. The least thing in my mind was that he was going to grab my purse. Never leave sight of your bag.

As a stage pickpocket artist, Arno says the principle is simple.  Pickpocketing is about distraction. Get the victim to be having their guard down, one way or the other.  

Women’s handbags are an easy target. Have it as high up into the armpit as possible. If you have a strap, it should go across the body.  There are also travel wallets you can wear under your clothing and out of reach.

They are not interested in the cash any longer. They simply want the credit cards.

Be aware in crowds, like on trains. It's not an issue of being paranoid. It’s simply reducing the options for the thief.