Rheem Lays Off 16 Employees

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Rheem Manufacturing Company is laying off 16 salaried employees, it announced Thursday in a news release. The 16 employees are from Rheem’s Fort Smith headquarters and its distribution center in Lewisville, Texas.

The layoff, which the company called a workforce reduction, is due to market conditions.

Rheem is one of the world’s leading manufacturer of central heating and cooling products, and its air conditioning division has been in Fort Smith for more than 40 years.

John Anthony, Rheems’ director of Human Resources in Fort Smith, said the company has no plans to close the Fort Smith facility.

“Fort Smith employees have produced quality products for Rheem since 1970, and we appreciate their hard work and dedication,” Anthony said.

The Fort Smith plant continues to be a key manufacturing facility in Rheem’s global business plan, he said. Approximately 290 salaried employees and 900 hourly employees work there.