Surveillance Video: Stabbed Pregnant Woman Collapses in Police Lobby

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Fort Smith police released surveillance video Thursday afternoon from a week ago when a pregnant woman stumbled into their lobby and collapsed.

Celestia Duffin, 32, collapsed inside the lobby of the Fort Smith Police Department on May 15. Officers say she was about 27 weeks pregnant at the time.

Surveillance cameras capture the pregnant woman running across the parking lot. Duffin opens the door and walks in with what appears to be blood on her belly.

A woman holds the second door open for her. Duffin walks up to the counter. Moments later she sits then slumps over.

A police officer and others come to help. Paramedics arrive several minutes later with a stretcher.

Officers say Duffin suffered a stab wound in the chest. Investigators confirm mom and baby died at a local hospital.

Police arrested Duffin’s husband, James Herring, 34. He faces two capital murder charges.

Herring plead not guilty to both capital murder charges. The prosecuting attorney’s office says he could face the death penalty.

Investigators say Herring and Duffin had only been married about a week. Officers say Herring told them he was unhappy with the marriage.