Police Chief Resigns Amid Allegations

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A local police chief resigns after sexual harassment allegations.

Before Mulberry City Council members met to discuss sexual harassment accusations about Police Chief Joshua Craig Thursday, he called the mayor to resign.

"Chief Craig contacted me today,” said Mayor Gary Baxter. “He's been on vacation and he told me he was resigning effective Tuesday, June 5."

"I was a little disappointed that he resigned because I actually think he should have been terminated," said Mulberry resident Stacy Muntz.

Muntz says she went to support one of her friends who made a complaint against the chief who she says was on the clock during an alleged affair.

"We met with the mayor and we talked to the mayor, and then she made a statement," said Muntz.

She wasn't the only one who stepped forward.  City Council Representative Charles Belt says he was prepared to present complaints in Thursday’s special city meeting.

"I have several documents from different women from within the town that has accused him of sexual harassment," said Belt.

"We actually went to the State Police Department first to ask for an investigation, and they said it had to be called through by the mayor," said Muntz.

Mayor Baxter says he did not receive a formal resignation letter from Chief Craig, only a phone call.  The mayor says the chief did not give a reason for his resignation.

"I feel like it was kind of a black eye on our town and it's something that we need to move on," said Belt.

Council members say Chief Craig has been with the police department in Mulberry for four years. 5NEWS tried to contact him about the accusations, but he did not return our messages.

Mayor Baxter says an interim chief has not yet been assigned.