Van Enroute to Wakarusa Busted with Drugs

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Four people have been arrested and one suspect is on the loose after deputies make a drug bust on Interstate 40 in Sequoyah County.

Officials with the Sequoyah County Jail say 22-year-old Sara Fruman, 22-year-old Victoria Karasik, 23-year-old Jasper Taylor, and 20-year-old Mollie White were all arrested.

Authorities say the four have all now been released on a $1000 bond. A fifth suspect, Kyle Riffle, remains on the loose after he allegedly ran from deputies. Those who live in the area say they're keeping a watchful eye out for the suspect.

"Ron Lockhart told me to watch for him at night," said Jeri Crow. "Said he'd probably pop up."

While some believe Riffle is lurking in the woods, others say they think he's hitchhiked out of town.

"He's going to hit the interstate," said Jeri Crow. "He's long gone. They won't catch him."

Van pulled over on I-40

Sheriff Ron Lockhart says a Volkswagen van with Colorado tags was pulled over for failing to use a turn signal when changing lanes on the interstate.

"When deputies stopped it, there was like five individuals in the car," said Sheriff Lockhart. "While they were talking to one individual in the car, he took off on foot."

One suspect ran off. Deputies were looking for him between the rest stop area west of Sallisaw and Highway 64.

Deputies found marijuana, mushrooms, and five bags of cocaine. Each bag is worth around $250, according to deputies. More than $3,500 cash was also found inside the van.

The group was headed to this weekend’s Wakarusa concert series on Mulberry Mountain in Franklin County, according to  Lockhart.

"We've noticed since we've been doing drug interdiction here this week on Interstate 40, we've stopped a lot of people from Colorado going to Wakarusa," said Sheriff Lockhart.

Sheriff Lockhart says Riffle was last seen wearing shorts and a dark blue t-shirt.

"He shouldn't have run," said resident Jim Cooper. "I know that cause he's going to go to jail sooner or later."