Fayetteville Rapper Uses Cousin’s Death as Inspiration for Christian Conversion

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After surviving a rough childhood, complete with drug abuse and crime, Alex Harris had a ''Come to Jesus'' moment.

His 16 year old cousin, a Christ follower, suddenly died and it changed Al's life forever.

 “I got the phone call that he died of a massive heart attack. I remember crying and asking why he would take somebody like that. He was a Christian, the real deal, always smiling, never did drugs. I remember hearing because he was ready. I was thinking about that. God said if it would have been you, you would have gone to Hell,” said Harris.

Alex needed a way to channel all of the anger inside, and Christian Rap filled the void.

He can't read music, but he does have a God-given ability to create unique beats and combine them with a Christian message in his home based studio. Now Alex performs for church groups all across our region.

Alex hopes to find a sponsor to help financially support his ministry. He's got the skills, but leaves no doubt about his inspiration.

“I get all of my lyrics from the Holy Spirit. It may sound generic but it's totally true. If I don't pray about it and consult God first then I can't write anything.”

If you'd like to see Alex in Action, he'll be performing Friday night at a church in Rogers.

It's an amazing transformation of a young man.

He could’ve ended up with a long rap sheet, now he longs to rap for a much higher cause: enriching the lives of others through his message and his music.

For more information on his music you can visit Alex’s website at www.beatsbyalaraharris.com or email him for more information at ministeralharris@yahoo.com