Man Says Gardening Helps Him Shed Pounds

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What started as a friendly competition with his wife, helped one Van Buren man lose 60 pounds. Bruce Shaw joined the Take Pounds Off Sensibly (TOPS) program with his wife in an effort to motivate her and lose some weight himself. Shaw then started gardening more in the morning to keep himself active.

"I do what I can. I love lawn and garden work, and my little, bitty garden behind me there is just enough for me. It keeps me piddling."

Shaw spends up to five hours every morning tending to his garden. After he's done, he takes a bucket or two of fresh fruits and vegetables into his house.

"There's nothing out there in my garden that my wife and I won't eat for supper."

Shaw also has some advice for others trying to lose weight: drink water, keep busy and eat lots of fresh food.

If you're interested in joining the TOPS program, there are weekly meetings throughout the area.