Group Hopes to Preserve History of Century-old Home in Hiwasse

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For those who are just traveling through on Highway 72 in Hiwasse you may not even notice this once beautiful home and hotel, which is now surrounded by tall weeds and overgrown trees.

“It is rundown and an eyesore,” says John Mitchael, Gravette Historical Museum Commission.

Built in 1859, the Holloway House was a hotel then later became a home to the Holloway family.

Dean Fletcher, 88, who married a Holloway, said his in-laws lived there for years, and he remembers how the home used to shine.

“I can remember when it was a fancy home, a long time ago, 70 some years ago,” says Fletcher.

The home was recently named one of the 10 most endangered properties in Arkansas. That's why a local group that encourages historical preservation called the Questers is trying to get the home on the national or state register of historic sites.

“If the money can be found to it being restored as I said before becoming an attraction for Hiwasse," says Mitchael.

In 1944, Fletcher used to rent a room here at the Holloway house, but back then a month's rent was pretty cheap.

“A dollar and a half,” he says.

If listed as an historic site, the group would be able to get grants to restore the home, which Fletcher says he would like to have happen.

“Right there is where Hiwasse started in the Dickson Township, in that area right there," adds Fletcher.

Mitchael says it could become a popular attraction when the Bella Vista bypass is finished.

“That's going to create even more traffic then we have today,” says Mitchael.

The house was abandoned five years ago, but the owner of the home resides in the area.

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