Woman Starts Petition After Officer Kills Pit Bulls

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Two pit bulls are shot and killed after they allegedly charge an animal control officer in Sallisaw.

The owner says the pit bulls never attacked anyone. She started a petition to protect other pets.

“Sobe was 4. Spade was 8, and not once had they ever killed anything or bitten anyone,” said Jessica Barnett, the owner.

A Sallisaw animal control officer shot and killed Barnett’s two pit bulls on May 25.

“If I had done that to somebody’s dog they would have arrested me,” she said.

Sallisaw police say they got two separate phone calls about the pit bulls chasing people. Investigators say the dogs charged their animal control officer when he arrived. According to a police report the officer said, “I felt threated for my life.”

“I tell all of my officers don’t get bit by a dog,” said Sallisaw Police Chief Shaloa Edwards. “If the dog charges you discharge your weapon.”

Chief Edwards says the city does not have a breed specific ordinance. He says over the past seven years the department shot and killed about five dogs. “We shoot very few dogs here,” he said.

Barnett played with her other pit bull in the yard Friday afternoon. She started a petition to protect the animal and others.

“We're petitioning to change the city ordinance so that not all dogs that bark are considered vicious dogs,” she said. 

Barnett hopes to keep the pit bull breed from being banned.

“I want this community educated that these are not all monsters."

Barnett says she already collected close to 400 signatures. She hopes to get 1000 people to sign the petition.

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