New Light Causes Confusion for Trail Users

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There’s a new traffic light in Fayetteville but it's causing some confusion for drivers and Scull Creek Trail users.

The light is at the intersection of North Street and the trail, between Gregg and Leverett Avenues.

If a pedestrian wants to take the trail across North Street, they are required to stop, press a button and wait for their light to turn green, while the street light turns red for drivers.

Despite signs explaining how to use the signal, some pedestrians say they are confused because the drivers are stopping on green and they aren’t sure if they should stop or cross.

Officers were stationed at the signal on Scull Creek Trail Wednesday as the new signal went into operation.

"There has been a little confusion, not so much for the motorist but more for the pedestrians, joggers and bikers that are crossing the road way,” said Cpl. Thomas Reed with the Fayetteville Police Department. “They are more confused than the motorists. The motorists know, it's a red light, ‘I gotta stop,’ and the joggers don't know, ‘Hey, I have to stop and actually press the button.’ The light will not cycle until you press that button."

The light was added after complaints from drivers and trail users and several accidents at the intersection. Police and city officials say it will just take time for people to understand the new rules.

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