Manager Pulls Gun on Alleged Teen Robber

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A teen was arrested Tuesday night in Fort Smith after police say he attempted to rob Chaffee Liquor with a knife.

The store manager pulled a gun on the attempted aggravated robber then called police.

Cpl. Steven Dooly says the 16-year-old went into Chaffee Liquor on the corner of Massard and Zero Street around 8:20 p.m. Manager Jerry Hurlocker told police the teen walked to the counter with a folding lock blade knife and threatened him with it saying, ‘Give me all your f---ing money!’ according to the report. After a second threat, Hurlocker reached under a shelf and picked up his revolver. He then pointed it at the boy and told him to drop the knife, said Cpl. Dooly.

Police say the teen dropped the knife while Hurlocker called 911 and held the suspect at gunpoint until officers arrived.

Two more knives were found on the teen. At first, the boy told police he was 18-years-old, but later said he was 16.

The teen’s name will not be released since he is under the age of 18. He was arrested for aggravated robbery.

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