Parents and Students Tour New Bentonville Schools

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Bentonville primary schools are feeling growing pains, but Wednesday parents and students got a look at the districts two newest schools set to open under one roof.

Wednesday's tour of the new Willowbrook Elementary School and Bright Field Middle school was a milestone in Bentonville education.

"This is so exciting because this is the first time we got to let children into the building to see how they responded to seeing a brand new building that is going to be theirs for the first time. That excitement is indescribable, “ says Bright Field Middle School Principal Marilyn Gilchrist.

For the teachers who come from nine different schools throughout the district, it’s an opportunity that many never get in their career.

“Well, we are coming from Old High Middle School, so coming to a new building is very exciting for us. Having all new things, new equipment, a new gym which is amazing, it’s huge," says Bright Field Middle School teacher Salle-Ann Willock.

Teachers tell 5NEWS it’s crucial for the district to build new schools because they know what it’s like to teach in portable classrooms. Tera Woodhouse is most excited for her students who will benefit from being in smaller classrooms.

"This is a perfect example of how we’ve had such growth in our area. I’m very excited to see that we’ve been able to open up some new schools and sort of help with the overcrowding situation," says parent Tera Woodhouse.

The new facilities will also house new state of the art technology.

"In some schools it's six to one computer, which is very difficult with the technology we use today," explains Willock.

The construction of the two new schools, which are in the same building, were finished on time and will be ready for students in August, according to Principal Gilchrist.

"It’s awesome, really big," shouts a group of students.

The millage increase that financed the construction of the two schools passed in 2010.

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