Fireworks Spark House Fire

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A Washington County home caught fire around 4:30 p.m.Thursday, after teenagers were playing with fireworks on Tyree Mountain Road southeast of Lincoln, according to Sheriff Tim Helder.

Winston Williams, 19, told deputies he was shooting off bottle rockets with the homeowner’s two sons, when the grass caught fire. The flames quickly spread to the porch and house, due to dry conditions.

Winston and the boys tried to put out the fire, but failed, deputies say. The three were able to warn 19-year-old Shayne Daniels, who was inside the home, before calling 911. Daniels escaped before being hurt.

The temperature was around 102 degrees when firefighters were battling the flames, according to Helder.

Williams told investigators he didn’t know Washington County was under a burn ban. He was issued a warning for unlawful burning.