Poll Analyzes How Presidential Candidates Would Handle “Alien Invasion”

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As the campaign season reaches its full-swing candidates are criticized on how they could handle difficult situations.

While most are concerned about the economy, education, and healthcare, a new study is focusing on which of the candidates is best equipped to deal with an alien invasion.

The National Geographic Channel says one of those difficult situations could be a possible alien invasion.  National Geographic conducted a study looking at whether Mitt Romney or Barack Obama is more prepared for an alien invasion.

The survey found more people are confident in Barack Obama’s leadership if there were an alien invasion.  Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed (65%) said Obama was more prepared than Mitt Romney to handle an alien invasion, in regards to national security.

Of course, when you look into which politician would be most prepared for an alien invasion the win would have to go to former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He did take down “Predator” after all.

If you were to compare presidential alien invasion skills to the film Independence Day, Bill Pullman also had to make a few difficult calls including whether to unleash a nuclear warhead in a major city.

Although, neither Romney nor Obama are combat pilots, so we can’t guarantee they could fire the missiles to take out the massive UFO and save the human race.

When comparing which presidential candidate is most prepared for an alien invasion it’s easy to joke about fictional references, but for many Americans UFOs are a very real thing.  According to National Geographic’s survey, more than 80 million Americans believe UFOs exist.  Americans also hold much more confidence in the existence of aliens than superheroes.  The survey found 71 percent of Americans think aliens are more likely to exist than for there to ever be real-life superheroes, vampires, and zombies.

The survey was conducted among 1,114 Americans May 21-29 by Kelton Research, which used email invitations and online surveys.

While "researching" this story I also came across this golden gem.
There's nothing worse than for alien invaders to be teenagers!