Professional Bull Riders Put on a Show in Springdale

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Professional bull riders faced off at the Springdale Parson's Stadium on Saturday for the 15th annual Buckin’ in the Ozarks rodeo competition.

It was a night full of activities for people of all ages, and an event that showcased the up-and-comers of the PBR.

These cowboys are adrenaline junkies as they hold on with one hand on a loose rope, spurs on boots, wearing vest and chaps.

“You just gotta keep going at it, working hard, and loving every bit of it,” said Ryan Dirteater, ranked 11th in the world.

Dirteater is from Oklahoma. He said the dangerous sport of bull riding has cost him in the form of several injuries. He has broken his femur and dislocated his knee. However, that hasn’t stopped him.

“You can’t worry about the injuries,” Dirteater said. “You gotta forget about that and prepare for the future.”

These cowboys don’t know which bull they will ride until it's their turn in the competition.

“Once the gate opens, it’s just you and that bull, and that’s about it really,” said Australian rider Jared Farley.

The bull riders have to hold on for at least eight seconds to win the competition.

It's “a man against a 2,000 pound animal,” said 10th ranked Luke Snyder. “They have an advantage definitely over us.”

Some young riders took part in mutton busting at Saturday's event. The kids were careful to hold on tight so they wouldn't fall off their sheep.

As for professional bull riders like Ryan Dirteater, he said he hopes he has many years to come doing what he loves.

“It’s been a good, young career for me, and I hope I have many years left,” he said.

Billy Robinson, from Virginia, won first place and took home $10,000.

Billy Robinson won 1st place at the "Buckin' in the Ozarks."