Sales Strong at Firework Stands Despite Burn Ban

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Just days away from the 4th of July, and with a tent full of fireworks, the Webb family could make hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

"This year it was slow at first but now it's picking up. And we're having a really good year," said LaRita Robins, who works at Webb's Fireworks.

The Webb family has been in the fireworks business for more than 25 years. Most of those years, they make a healthy profit. But then there are years they just break even. There are also years they take a loss.

This year they're on track to make hundreds of dollars in just the next few days, even with most of the area under a burn ban.

Taylor Huntington, who also works at Webb's Fireworks, said most people have been spending $60 on fireworks this year. 

As for the Webb family, they say people don't realize just how much money it takes to keep the tent open every year. Electric bills alone could cost them most of what they make. They also have security on site, and hourly workers, both of which adds to the bill.

Webb's Fireworks will be open daily through July 6th. They're located off of Highway 271 South in Fort Smith.