Alma Hosts Fireworks Show

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Even with burn bans in effect many local cities are still having their annual fireworks displays. Alma hosted their event Tuesday night.

The audience got to check out around 1,200 shots. “I think this is my 16th year to do this specific show. Every year we just try to make it more colorful and a little bit different,” said Alesha Bennett, with Celebration Pyrotechnics.

The show lasted about 20 minutes. The city had police and fire crews standing by in case a fire sparked.

5NEWS spoke with people eager to celebrate the Fourth of July.

“It may be the only chance that we get to see fireworks,” said Hunter Lentz, of Alma.

“We can see them from our house but I wanted to come down here and see then like up close this year,” said Marcy McHenry, an attendee.

The fire department burned a portion of the area off before the big fireworks show in order to prevent the grass from catching fire.