Fine or Jail if You Get Caught Shooting Fireworks

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In Fayetteville, police said the burn ban means zero tolerance when shooting any kind of fireworks.

The police department said it will increase its officers on the streets to keep an eye on the sky and on the ground for any potential fire.

"We will be having more patrols in the residential areas due to the drought and people wanting to set off fireworks," Corporal Thomas Reed said.

In the last two days, Reed said they've responded to around 20 fireworks complaints and just minutes before talking to 5NEWS Cpl. Reed received another complaint.

"As we get more and more complaints, we'll have to start writing more and more tickets. It's not something we want to do but it's something that we will have to do," Reed said.  

If anyone sees someone shooting fireworks, they can file a complaint with the police department's non-emergency number. However, if residents see a fire they need to dial 911.

"The ticket is $120 if you get caught discharging fireworks. Normally, what we do if it's a child discharging the fireworks is we will write the parent the ticket," Reed said.

Not only can you get a $120 fine if you shoot fireworks in Fayetteville, but if you start a fire it's a Class A Misdemeanor.

"You will have to be arrested and you'll have to be transported to Washington County, booked in and post bond to get out," Reed said.

Police officers said they want its residents to have a good time during the holiday but safety is first.

"I hate the fact that kids don't get to shoot off their fireworks but we don't want anyone's house to get burned down," Reed said.

There are public places with permits throughout Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley that will have firework shows in place. Click here for a complete list.

Fayetteville Non-Emergency number: 479-587-3555

Bentonville Non-Emergency number: 479-271-3170

Springdale Non-Emergency number: 479-751-4542