Pets Prove Pool Safety Training is not Just for Kids

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Swimming is fun, but only if everyone has proper training… including your dog.

Many of us with children don’t think anything of spending a lot of time and money teaching our kids how to swim, but we forget about swimming lessons for the dogs.

According to one local veterinarian that training is greatly needed.

Romy Core owns Gulley Park Animal Hospital, she says teaching a dog pool safety is a top priority.  According to Core nearly 40-thousand pets a year die in drowning accidents.

“I think there is a presumption that all dogs can swim and that it’s very safe to be around water. With proper precautions that can be absolutely true,” said Core.

Swimming Dogs can be taught where the pools stairs are and they’ll swim to the area each time to get out.  Core says prevention and training is the key.

“Sometimes pets don’t know how to get out and they can easily get exhausted. In a lot of ways it’s just like teaching your kids, like taking proper precautions.”

Vegetarians recommend you have a fence around your pool for dogs who aren’t comfortable around water. 

While all dogs don’t like to swim those that do could always enjoy a little more pool safety.

For more information on training your dog to swim you can visit or You can also give Gulley Park Animal Hospital a call at (479) 966-4929