Sales Tax Proposed to Build New Facilities

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All it would take is one penny to make some major changes in Van Buren. Mayor Bob Freeman says that's the idea behind the proposed one-cent sales tax.

If passed, the sales tax would pay for a new police station, a new fire station as well as a new senior center.

"We need it very much so. In this current facility, we're limited with space. We've pretty much pushed it to the max as far as everybody's office is full of different things. And our storage rooms are full of storage. There's no more room," said Sgt. Larry Brown with the Van Buren Police Department.

"It's outgrown. It's in need of a lot of repairs. And so it's something that the community has talked about for a number of year - a replacement police station. And it's something that we need to do," said Freeman.

Additional money raised would be spent to help improve city parks.

Many residents told 5NEWS they agreed with the sales tax, because they felt these changes were needed.

"Well no one likes paying taxes. We would like to take every penny we earn home. But I think we understand the importance," said Jackie Crutsch who works with the Van Buren Chamber of Commerce.

However, some said they didn't feel the money should come out of their pocket because they pay enough taxes within the city already.

The last day to vote on the initiative is Tuesday.