Fayetteville Hoping to “Stay in Bloom” for Contest

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American in Bloom is all about the beauty.  It's an organization that cares about what your city looks like as well as what your house looks like, and its effect on our environment.

The American in Bloom judges were just in Fayetteville judging the city for 2012.  Judging by the past results, Fayetteville ought to do quite well.

According to Cindi Cope, chairwoman of Fayetteville in Bloom the city of Fayetteville has competed eleven times and has won five times in the population category.

The City of Fayetteville is the defending champion, but it's not all about pretty flowers and landscaping.  It's going green, and making a commitment, to learn about the proper use of our resources.

Cindy Cope is a lady that definitely knows what she's talking about when it comes to making things bloom.

Not only is she the chairwoman of the Fayetteville in Bloom chapter, her personal garden has also been honored in the past.

“My garden was honored because I have a combination of cutting garden, but also a very sustainable garden practices like a rain garden plus wildlife habitat,” said Cope.

It'll be awhile until the results for this year's ''America in Bloom'' results are made public.  The judges spend a few days in our area, making suggestions on how to make Fayetteville more beautiful.

Apparently ''Fayetteville in Bloom'' volunteers have learned their lessons well.

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