Police Reopen Cold Case After Resolving Mixup

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Six years ago, a 23-year-old Siloam Springs resident went missing from Fayetteville. Now his family's left wondering who is investigating.

Kesha Roberson got worried after her brother didn't return home after a night out with friends, and went to Siloam Springs Police Department to file a missing persons report.

Siloam Springs Chief Joe Garrett told 5NEWS the report was taken and then given to the Fayetteville Police Department because Travis Roberson was last seen on Dickson Street.

Fayetteville Sgt. Craig Stout told 5NEWS their department was under the impression Siloam Springs was in charge, and that they were simply assisting with the investigation.

Meanwhile, Siloam Springs had closed the matter, which left the family wondering what was being done to find Travis Roberson.

"It just amazes me. I mean, that you were looking for people to serve you and protect you...but, it's just kind of hurtful," said Sonya Roberson another one of Roberson's sisters.

Garrett told 5NEWS that the case has been re-opened, and that both the Siloam Springs and Fayetteville police departments will be working together to solve the case.

Garrett also said he plans to stay in contact with the family throughout the process so they are better informed as to what is being done.

"It might not look like we've tried hard, but we've had the case in the detectives' hands. And Siloam P.D., thinking the whole time this was being worked," said Kesha Roberson.

Police say that if Roberson had been picked up by police, he would've shown up in the database because he had two warrants out for his arrest prior to his disappearance.

The warrants are for failure to appear as an accomplice to the delivery of drugs and failure to pay fines related to forgery, police said.

Anyone with information about Roberson's whereabouts is asked to contact the Siloam Springs Police Department at (479) 524-4118.