Tyson Founders Room Offers Unique Look into Company History

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Make plans for a visit to the Founder’s Room at Tyson World Headquarters in Springdale.

It’s a museum type exhibit that details the history of the company.  The site starts in the 1930’s, with John W. Tyson hauling chickens to market in Kansas City and St. Louis, and continues into the explosive growth led by his son Don Tyson.

There had always been a small exhibit on site about the history of the company, but Don Tyson wanted more.

“About three years ago right before Don passed away decided that he wanted to expand the Founders Room and make it more accessible. He wanted to make it more accessible to team members and the general public,” said Archie Schaffer III, Executive VP of Corporate Affairs.

The awesome pictures on the site used to be tucked away in an office near the executive suites, but they have now come to life for anyone who wants to take a tour.

Director of Corporate Services Heather Chilson says you’ll want to see the replica of the old office on Emma Street where a worldwide brand was launched.

 “We still own the building down on Emma Street where it was originally located.  We were able to measure the office and match the paint. We were able to bring the exact lights and even down the floor tile. We were able to match it,” said Schaffer.

Schaffer says the exhibit is a history lesson about the company that helped build Springdale and the entire NWA region.

“As you walk thru you see how the company changed and how we grew.”

 The exhibit is open to the public Monday - Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

If you’re bringing a big group of 5 or more, you’re asked to let them know ahead of time.

The site even has an area where you can get your picture taken with a cut-out of the late Don Tyson wearing his Khaki shirt.  If it was good enough for Don Tyson, It’s good enough for me.