Cabela’s Attracting Businesses To Area

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The first Cabela’s in the state of Arkansas will be open for business next month.

"It’s a big name coming to the area. Cabela’s is a national brand, international brand. Largest outfitter in the World for outdoor activities so, it’s a big deal," says Steve Cox, Rogers Lowell Chamber of Commerce Economic Development Director.

Cox says it took three years to get the store to build in our area.  He says the attraction was the rapid growth in a city of more than 60,000 people.

"Amenities like a Coach store and a Pottery Barn, you don't see those things typically in a town our size or even metro areas of our size."

Cox says the new store is already attracting businesses, in fact since the announcement of its opening last year numerous retailers have expressed interest in the area.

"Empty lots that have been available since the promenade was open we are now seeing people in competition to get these lots because of Cabela’s coming. We had at one point 6 restaurants competing for two spots."

Cox says Cabela's will benefit the city of Rogers, "Having higher sales tax the city then could have more money to fix roads, public Parks sidewalks, just increase that quality of life which just raises the standard for everyone."

More than 100,000 square feet Cabela’s will have a boat repair center, cafe, and a waterfall with an aquarium.

Cabela’s will open August 30th at 9 a.m.

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