New System Allows Riders to Track UA Buses

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If you’ve ever found yourself waiting at a bus stop at the University of Arkansas wondering whether or not you’re about to be late to class, there’s an app for that.

The UARK Mobile app now features real time information about the university’s bus routes.

"We are trying to promote the use of Razorback Transit, to be able to make it even more conveniant than it has been is an important goal of ours," said University of Arkansas Vice Chancellor, John Diamond. "This app will help us do that."

The new feature can show any bus route, where the bus is on any selected route and where it is going, with the position updated every 10 seconds, according to a news release from the university.

"I'd have to say my favorite part is the estimated time of arrival," said Chris Nixon, Director of Digital Design and Development. "I think the piece that shows us where the buses are is pretty cool but really to know when that bus is going to show up at a particular stop is really helpful."

"It gives them the opportunity to know in real time exactly where our buses are so if they miss a stop they know where they can go by checking the app and find out where the next bus will be stopping or coming through," Diamond said.

The transit map feature can be downloaded at or found on the Campus Maps feature on the U of A website

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