Why You Should Rock Out With Your Kids

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The ladies of Peekaboo Media Group bring a new segment to KXNW-TV 34, called REAL Northwest Arkansas.

This week we're talking music. Music inspires the mind, and cultivates a part of the brain that kids wouldn't normally use.

"Music is a big part of our family," Peekaboo Magazine creator, Kim Enderlee said. "In fact when I was pregnant with both Ava and Holden we put headphones on my stomach and let them listen to music before they were even born."

Enderlee said her husband is a musician, so throughout raising her kids, she used music to soothe a crying baby, or to help teach a rhyme or school lesson.

In the July issue of Peekaboo Magazine, you can read about the School of Rock.

Lela Davidson, the group’s director of content and new media said her kids were ambassadors and created their own music video.

"I was really impressed. My kids not only learned music, but also practiced a lot of other creative skills," Davidson said. "They chose a genre for their rock band, created a logo, wrote original songs and planned and promoted a concert."

Davidson said you can also get apps to use your smart phone or tablet to get your kids thinking and working creatively this summer.

Loria Oliver, the group’s public relation’s specialist said she recommends Rhythm Remedy. She said music is very therapeutic, so it is great for children especially those with special needs.

"The owner Dallas Harris actually has Asperberger’s syndrome so he is able to really relate to children with Autism, ADD, ADHD and other special needs to create music lessons specific to each child and the way they learn," Oliver said. "He doesn’t just use it as therapy but also real music lessons so your child walks away knowing how to play the drums and with confidence."

Find out more about the School of Rock in the July issue of Peekaboo Magazine on stands now.

You can catch the ladies of Peekaboo media group, Kim Enderlee, Lela Davidson and Loria W. Oliver every Monday morning on KXNW-TV 34 in their new segment REAL Northwest Arkansas, or on their website.

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