Parents of Missing Teen’s Boyfriend Arrested

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Washington County deputies released two people on bond Tuesday who had been arrested in connection with the disappearance of Emma Mae Sears, a 14-year-old girl from Fort Smith. Sears was last seen on July 4.

"I'm not mad at Emma," said her mother Angela Smither. "I'm mad at the adults because it takes a really twisted person to do this."

Deborah Dunmire and her boyfriend, Brian Reichard, were arrested Monday after giving authorities contradictory information about when they last saw Sears, officials said.

"I know she admitted that she has done nothing but lie to me about where Emma is at," said Smither.

Deputies arrested Dunmire and Reichard on suspicion of interfering with the custody of a minor against the will of her mother, a Class C felony. They were released on $20,000 bond, records show.

Kelly Cantrell, sheriff's office public information officer, said Sears is still missing, as is her boyfriend, who has a warrant out for his arrest.

"We don't believe she is with this person against her will," Cantrell said.

Smither said she last heard from her daughter after the teenager visited Wayne Dunmire, her 19-year-old boyfriend, in Winslow over the Fourth of July holiday. Wayne Dunmire is Deborah Dunmire's son.

"I just want her home," said Smither. "That's all I want."

Smither said Sears called that day and asked to go with her friends to Missouri, the last conversation Smither had with her daughter.

Deborah Dunmire and Brian Reichard told deputies and FBI agents they last saw Sears when they dropped her off alone near a creek in West Fork on July 4, according to police records.

Dunmire and Reichard told authorities they then dropped off Dunmire's son at a Walmart in Missouri. However, cellphone records show Sears' and Reichard's phones were used near Granby, Mo., that night, leading investigators to believe Sears was with Deborah Dunmire and Brian Reichard at the time, according to an arrest warrant.

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