Mother Sentenced in Baby’s Death

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Heather Jones, 20, of Van Buren, was sentenced to 15 years in prison a second degree murder charge in a Sequoyah County court Monday.

Jones is the mother of one-year-old Elaine Keene who was struck by a bullet in Feb. 2010 when Devin Jeremiah fired shots at a vehicle the child was a passenger of.

In April, Jones testified in court that she knowingly drove Aaron Bowen and Michael Clemente to Jeremiah’s home north of Roland on Feb. 26, 2010, to get drugs. Police say the men beat and robbed Jeremiah. He fired at the vehicle Jones was driving as they sped away.

Jones was also sentenced to five years for robbery and one year for child neglect, according to assistant district attorney Jack Thorp. Jones was also fined $2,500 on a conspiracy to commit robbery charge.

Jones’ sentences will run concurrently, according to Thorp.

Jeremiah was charged with second degree murder and two counts of shooting with intent to kill. However, he was only found guilty of one count of shooting with intent to kill and sentenced to serve eight years with four suspended.

Bowen and Clemente were initially charged with first degree murder in the child’s death, but in exchange for their testimony at Jeremiah’s and Jones’ trials accepted a plea agreement that dropped four of their charges and reduced the remaining two to second-degree robbery and conspiracy to commit second-degree robbery.

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