Bentonville Man Hopes to Win Ultimate Diver’s Challenge

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Bentonville resident Richard Whitehead is a huge Survivor fan, and he loves to scuba dive.  That’s why he signed up for a reality show where divers compete in a series of scuba challenges in a tropical setting, but Richard did more than just sign up.

“In 2009, I entered a reality show contest called 'The Ultimate Diver's Challenge.' It was down in Cozumel. I only entered the contest for one reason to meet Rudy Bosch from Survivor. I'm a huge fan,” said Richard.

Richard says he ended up winning the contest.  He entered again in 2010, but dehydration problems didn't allow him to compete at the highest level.

Now he's heading back to try and reclaim his title.

The 2012 ''Ultimate Diver Challenge'' is being held this week in West Palm Beach, Florida.

 Whitehead says he’ll drink plenty of Gatorade before the 2012 competition.

“I'm going to make sure I have plenty of electrolytes before the challenge because I don't want to run that risk again of being eliminated.”

 The 13-week long reality show will air on the Verses sports cable network. Whitehead is expecting at least one of the events to be a little bit scary.

 “The first time I was on the show I experienced a black out mask. I'm not going to lie to you. I was nervous. You can't see well and I did well. You also have to navigate a maze at night, blindfolded. You had to feel your way through the maze. This is not for the timid diver.”

 Another challenge is a speed race where the divers have to use a spoon to hold down a ping pong ball and move through a course on the clock.

 Richard is not sure what challenges will await in this year’s contest, but says he's ready to reclaim his title.