Fayetteville High School Expansion on Schedule

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Fayetteville High School students will be returning to a new and improved campus on Aug. 20th.

The construction Phase I, which costs $45 million dollars, is getting closer to being complete. Crews are working on the finishing touches, which includes flooring, inside aesthetics and the outside parking lot.

Projects Manager Patty Plummer said the south side of the school facing Martin Luther King Junior boulevard will provide new athletic and coaching facilities.

"We also have our new cafeteria, new student commons and new administration offices in the southwest side of the building," Patty Plummer said.  

Construction Phase I also includes other additions.

"The new Phase I is a new fine arts auditorium, drama classes and tv and production classes along with a new studio," Plummer said.

The school district said crews are working seven days a week to make sure its complete by August 20th.

"Seven days a week is what they are going to have to do in order for us to be able to get all of those finishing touches into the building and again network up, security systems up..." Plummer said.

Crews will begin the groundwork to bridge both buildings and Plummer said the school is eager to complete the first phase.

"We're so excited for the students and for the staff and even for the parents to be able to come in and see these beautiful new facilities that we are going to be able to provide," Plummer said.

Back to school night on August 16th will give students and their families an opportunity to check out the expansion.

Construction Phase II will include a  three story building for extra classroom space, which won't be completed until summer 2013.

The entire expansion project costs $96 million. Also, as part of the changes, Stone Street will be renamed Bulldog Avenue.