Fun & Free Ways To Beat The Heat With Kids

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The ladies of Peekaboo Media Group bring a new segment to KXNW-TV 34, called REAL Northwest Arkansas.

The kids have been home all summer, and it's been hot. We're heading into the home stretch and the ladies of Peekaboo Media Group have come up with some creative ways to beat the heat.

Loria Oliver, the group’s public relation’s specialist said a play dates have been a lifesaver this summer.

"I learned through my pediatrician that they're great for social interaction not only for the kid, but for you as well," Oliver said.

Loria's Idea: Babies & Bagels "I challenge people to do it! That way you can bring two things that I love, your kids and food, together and have fun." 

Peekaboo Magazine creator, Kim Enderlee said she likes to get out of the house, and take the kids to somewhere that wears them out.

"Boingo Bounce is a great place because you show up, you take your shoes off, you let them bounce away, and then it's nap time," Enderlee said.

Kim's Idea: Painters tape on tile to make indoor hopscotch

Lela Davidson, the group’s director of content and new media said she prefers her kids to do something active, such as roller skating, or ice skating.

Lela's Idea: Star Wars Marathon at the Rogers Public Library at noon Saturday, August 4

The ladies asked their Facebook Fans what they're doing to beat the heat; here's some of the responses.

"Get some acrylic or watercolor paints and wood shapes from Hobby Lobby. Lay some newspaper down on the kitchen table and paint away!" -Rachel J. 

"Blow bubbles in the bathtub, indoor scavenger hunt, indoor 'campfire' with a lantern as a fire, bed sheets as the tent, camp food, etc..." -Rhonda F.

You can catch the ladies of Peekaboo media group, Kim Enderlee, Lela Davidson and Loria W. Oliver every Monday morning on KXNW-TV 34 in their new segment REAL Northwest Arkansas, or on their website.

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