Baby Dead, Stepdad Arrested on Murder Charge

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A Springdale man is behind bars in connection with the first-degree murder of a baby, police say.

Tremelle Deshun Overton, 23, was arrested Wednesday night after his two-month-old stepson was found not breathing, Springdale police said.

The boy was taken to Northwest Medical Center in Springdale, but died. Overton and the boy’s mother, Ashley Overton, initially told police the baby was in his bed and just stopped breathing, an arrest report says.

Later, when she was alone with police, she admitted there was more.

The mother said Overton was watching the child while she slept. When she woke, she found the baby strangely wrapped in a blanket in its crib. The blanket was wrapped tightly around the child’s head from the neck up, and had been folded and tucked underneath him.

The mother said she frantically unwrapped the child. He wasn’t breathing.

She immediately called 911.

Overton is on parole for beating Ashley Overton while she was pregnant with the boy, according to the report. In fact, the couple had an argument the night before, and she told Overton she was going to leave him.

The boy’s body was sent to the state crime laboratory for examination.

Overton remained in the Washington County Detention Center on Thursday on $100,000 bond.