Police: Barricaded Suspect Surrenders in Johnson

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An apartment complex was evacuated Sunday after a man held two women hostage in a home in Johnson. Negotiations took hours and became tense when the man threatened to shoot the women.

Police said the suspect is James "Jim" Jones, 28, of 2011 N. Shannon Drive, No. 9.

He faces several charges including felony terroristic threatening, Johnson police Lt. Kyle Sylvester said.

"When they got there, after doing some investigation, they found out it was actually a domestic problem going on, and they got the female subjects out of the house and then it turned into a barricaded situation," Sylvester said.

Police were called to 2401 Main Drive about 8:50 a.m. Sunday. Jones was drunk and holding the women inside the apartment against their will. One is Jones' girlfriend, police said.

Police said Jones barricaded himself in the apartment for three hours before he was taken into custody by a Springdale SWAT team.

Police evacuated the apartment complex as negotiations grew tense. About 40 people were evacuated, neighbors said.

"We just jumped up. We didn't even have time to fix up or grab a diaper for our baby. We had to borrow a diaper from our neighbor. It was crazy," said one neighbor who declined to give his name. 

"We got seeing other neighbors coming out - I was asking them what was happening. And they said some dude has barricaded himself inside his apartment and said anyone who comes closer he'll shoot," the man said.

Jones would only speak on the phone with a Washington County police dispatcher. He refused to come outside and surrender to police.

At one point, Jones began threatening to shoot the two women inside the home, if police continued to press. One of the women is Jones' girlfriend.

Eventually, the women were able to leave the house. They were treated for minor cuts and bruises, police said.

Jones finally came out of the house, but he resisted arrest, and police used a Taser to get him to comply, Slyverster said.

Officers with the Springdale Police Department SWAT team used a Taser stun gun to subdue Jones, police said.

"He became very belligerent and squared off as if he was going to fight the officers so they deployed a taser," Sylvester said. "And subdued the subject. And he was taken into custody."

He’ll be booked in the Washington County jail on several charges, including felony terroristic threatening, Slyvester said.

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