Business Posts Sign After Toddlers Found Trapped, Left in Hot Cars

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A Northwest Arkansas business took action when two toddlers died after being found in hot cars. An Allstate agency in Lowell posted a sign that reads “Stop. Have you left your child or pet in the car?”

“A lot of people that have come in saying you know it’s really sad that you have to put that sign up, but we absolutely love it,” said Amanda Weeter, a licensed sales producer at Allstate.

Friday police confirm a 2-year-old boy died after being left in a hot car at a Springdale Walmart. On Saturday another boy died in Benton County after deputies say the toddler climbed into the family’s vehicle, but could not get out.

Weeter says she decided to post the sign after reading a comment about the stories on She said, “There was a lady on there who had mentioned well, why don’t all of the businesses in Northwest Arkansas put a sign on the door.”

Weeter liked the idea and ran with it. “We're not trying to offend anyone. We just want I guess to be proactive in helping the situation,” she said.

They posted the sign by the door handle, hoping everyone who walks in will remember to check the back seat. “If we can remind someone then that’s a good thing,” said Weeter.

Deputies say the parents of the 3-year-old boy who died Saturday will likely not face criminal charges.  

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