Petition Seeks Sunday Alcohol Sales In Springdale

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Springdale is the latest area that may see more relaxed alcohol laws in the near future.

The Springdale Liquor Association submitted a petition for Sunday liquor sales to the city clerk on Monday.

Tuesday was the deadline for petitions to be turned in to cities to be considered for the November ballot. The Springdale petition needs signatures from 1,558 locally-registered voters for the public to vote on the initiative, said Denise Pearce, city clerk.

A team of five workers in the clerk’s office are working to validate the 2,400 signatures turned in. Pearce said the group hopes to turn the petition in to the Washington County Clerk’s office before the weekend. City clerks have 10 days to validate petition signatures before submitting them to the county for certification.

Springdale is just the latest area to potentially face a question of alcohol sales on the November ballot. Tontitown city officials turned the town’s alcohol petitions in to the county Tuesday. If approved by voters, the measures would allow Sunday alcohol sales and the serving of liquor-by-the-drink.

The Tontitown city recorder validated the 145 signatures submitted by area residents. The petition required 128 signatures, said Mayor Tommy Granata.

Benton County officials finalized the question of county alcohol sales last week when no parties appealed the signatures that were certified by the County Clerk. The measure will be on the November ballot in Benton County.

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