Fans React to Petrino Interview

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Former Razorback Coach Bobby Petrino spoke for the first time since being fired in April. Some fans believe he is sincere during the interview with ESPN, but others do not.

 “I don't know if I'm quite ready to forgive him yet,” said Tyler Rose, a Razorback fan.

An emotional and sometimes teary-eyed Petrino told ESPN he was sorry. “I think maybe he was sorry, but he shouldn't have done all that to start with,” said Alice Shell.

Some believe Petrino is genuinely remorseful. Others are not sure. “I'm sure he has plenty of regrets and things that he's sorry for, but he may just be saying he's sorry just because he's sorry that he got caught,” said Rose.

Some fans are not interested in what Petrino has to say. They have already moved on. “It doesn't really matter what he says anymore. We got a new guy. We're happy with John L. Smith. He's gonna do a great job. I'm just excited for the upcoming season,” said a Razorback fan.

In the interview Petrino says he is trying to save his marriage. “I'm surprised she didn't leave him,” said Shell.

The former coach admits him and wife Becky are in counseling. “After a situation like that, that was all over the media marriage counseling might not do any good. It may not help,” said Rose.

Petrino led the Hogs to a winning 11-2 record in 2011. “He plays a big part you know in our success, but I mean obviously it was almost like a deal with the devil. We're paying for it now,” said Rose.

Petrino will not coach this season, but told ESPN he does hope to coach again in the future.