Liquor Petition Gets Second Chance After Coming Up Short

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The push to allow Sunday alcohol sales in Springdale came up dry this week.

Springdale City Clerk Denise Pearce said 1,558 signatures were needed on a petition in order to put the initiative on the November ballot. Pearce said the initiative was 263 signatures short.

According to the clerk's office, the initiative's deadline is extended until Monday. Most of the signatures were collected by the Springdale Liquor Association. The city is allowing more time for the group to gather signatures.

"I think there is enough in the city that want it, that they will come forward and make it known," said Glenn Carter, who travels from Benton County to Springdale to buy alcohol.

Those in favor, list convenience and financial gains for local business. 

"They'll also get more business from Benton County if they are open on a weekend, instead of them going to Missouri," Carter said.

Richarde McClelland, who signed the petition, said, it would bring revenue to the city.

"I used to live in a town that didn't sell beer on Sundays and when they started doing that they started building schools, more funding, more people moved to the area and there was more money in the  community," McClelland said.

Some of those in favor of Sunday liquor sales said they can also see why this issue is controversial.

"Christianity, what they talk about in the Bible, it's God's day, you are not supposed to work drink," Richarde McClelland said.

Another concern is an increase in drinking and driving. But those who want the measure passed, disagree.

"I don't think that you are going to gain any more people drinking because you sell alcohol on Sundays, to me the same people are going to be doing it anyhow," Springdale voter Zach Luensmann said.

The extended deadline is 5 p.m. on Aug. 20.

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