Cabela’s Set to Open This Month

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The outdoors specialty store, Cabela's  has come to  Northwest Arkansas and is making final adjustments before opening its doors to the public later this month.

The store is just a little over two weeks away from its grand opening, and Tuesday, management gave 5NEWS a grand tour.

City leaders see the outdoor specialty store as an anchor that can attract other business to the area.

Cabela's corporate office says the Rogers store created a lot of construction jobs over the last year and added over 175 retail jobs.

Cabela's has a lot to offer those who love the outdoors. Their floor is stocked with hunting, fishing and camping gear. There are two large aquariums filled with a wide variety of fish.

"We've got two 7,500 gallon aquariums in the building and we have a partnership with the Arkansas Game and Fish, they supplied the fish that you see today,” Comer said. “We currently have 15 species of fish in our warm water tank."

If you're interested in archery, Cabela's sells all of the equipment you need. They even offer archery classes.

The store has a café that serves up specialties like wild boar and smoked elk.

The Rogers Cabela's sells camping, hunting and fishing equipment as well as clothes, shoes and outerwear.

The store has not yet received their gun shipment yet.

"We will have our firearms arriving late this week so, it's the last addition to our merchandising set,” said Store General Manager, Chris Comer. “We will have handguns, pistols, all of the optics for hunting rifles, shotguns, all of the different long guns that folks will be looking for here in the store."

The guns' arrival will be one of the finishing touches.

"It's going to be really intense," Comer said. "We've got a large group of folks that are going to be working right over here in this area and it will take us about four days to go through and receive all of the firearms."

Cabela's grand opening will be Thursday, August 30 at 9 a.m.

The Cabela's in Rogers is the first one in Arkansas.