Orientation Held for Bentonville High School Students

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Bentonville High School will face overcrowded halls when classes start on Aug. 20, according to school officials.

A millage to build a second high school failed earlier this year. The school has made some changes to deal with the lack of space.

"We've taken over two additional closets for teacher work spaces,” Principal Kim Garrett said. “We are looking at expanding our transition time in between classes to give those students traveling between buildings a little bit extra time but other than that, it's going to be patience as we work through crowded hallways."

Garrett said the school does not plan to implement split schedules or use portable classrooms this year, but it will be discussed for the future.

Students and their parents, along with school officials and Bentonville Mayor Bob McCaslin gathered at the high school Tuesday night for student orientation. They toured classrooms, picked up schedules and met administrators, counselors and teachers.