Voters Approve Bonds For Fire Dept, Streets And Parks

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Voters overwhelmingly approved all three of Springdale’s bond measures in a special election Tuesday night.

The proposal for a $45 million bond to improve local streets, roads and bridges passed by a vote of 1,620 to 567. Voters approved a $17 million bond to improve parks and recreation facilities 1,392 to 785. A $9 million bond to improve the city’s fire department passed 1,682 to 506.

Fire station improvements include relocating two fire stations and building a new one.

Ricky Evans, city council member, said the bonds will help Springdale move quickly with projects.

“We can get some great benefits out of the low cost of construction ... it’s not raising the taxes, " Evans said.

Evans said if the bonds allows the city to make much needed improvements sooner.

"We can do it ahead of time, instead of pay-as-you go," he said.

Alderman Brad Bruns said he's not against the improvements. However, the city needs to spend its tax money wisely, he said.

"Taking every penny that we got with the city and committing it to either the budget or paying out bond money, we are extending ourselves too far," Bruns said.

Bruns said he's willing to work together with other city officials to make the bonds fiscally responsible. 

"I'll do anything I can to work with the mayor and the rest of the council to make it as efficient for the city as we can make it," Bruns said.

The city plans to use the revenue from a 1 percent sales tax adopted in 1992 to pay off the bond in the future. City administrators say the bonds will not raise taxes.