Fayetteville Woman’s Animated Movie to be Released this Fall

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A stop-motion animated feature film adapted by Vivian Schilling, of Fayetteville, will be released nationwide in October.

Toys in the Attic features the voice talent of Academy Award winner Forest Whitaker as “Teddy,” along with Joan Cusack as “Madam Curie,” Cary Elwes as “Sir Handsome” and Schilling as “Buttercup,” the lovely little doll who is kidnapped.

“It’s during the cold war and it`s all of the discarded toys in the attic and they basically find a life even though they`ve been discarded by the human world,” Schilling said. “They find a life of their own and it`s very magical the way that they do come to life and they utilize different things in the attic, discarded junk, to create their world.”

Schilling's film is an English-language adaptation of the original Czech version.

Toys in the Attic will be released in key markets including New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago on Sept. 7. There will also be featured in a ''private showing'' at the Fayetteville Malco theater on Sept. 8.    

For more information visit www.toysfilm.com

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