Families Spend Last Weekend of Summer at Fair

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Hundreds of families spent their day going through handfuls of tickets at the Benton County Fair.

"We're trying to get something in for the girls before they head back to school next week, and we thought 'Hey. What better thing to cap it off with and go to the Benton County Fair?'" explained one dad.

Little ones enjoyed riding the merry-go-round, while older kids climbed onto more adventurous-looking rides.

But even after all the fast twists and scary turns, they got off the rides, only to get back on again.

"I had a blast," said one fair-goer who rode to the top of a tower only to plummet back down. "I would do it over and over. I've done it twice."

If you haven't made it out to the Benton County Fair this year, you still have one more day to enjoy it. Gates will be open Sunday from noon until 6 p.m. Armbands will be half off and cost $15.

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