Teachers Prep for New School Year in Fayetteville

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Teachers everywhere are working on last-minute touches for the start of the 2012-2013 school year.

Biology teacher William Rosser was prepping his classroom at Fayetteville High School for the 19th year in a row.  

"It's been cleaning up the things that died over the summer because of the lack of air conditioning," William Rosser said Sunday.

He also brought textbooks to a classroom that he said is more like his home.

"My home is like my second home that I go to occasionally because I'm up here on weekend and nights,” Rosser said.

Students will not only find books and posters in Rosser's classroom, “Slim” and “Steve” the snakes and “Rex” the bearded dragon are also part of his teaching.

He also has around $3,000 worth of skulls in his cabinet that he uses.

"I'd like to get kids excited about labs, and we always have a few science fair projects that are just over the moon. They are just outstanding," Rosser said.

Fayetteville High School students will arrive to a brand-new building that’s expanded and improved. There are new classrooms, a cafeteria and a gym, among other facilities.

"There is also a space for the dance for their workouts and the wrestling team, as well as all the coaching offices,” said Alan Wilbourn, public information officer for the Fayetteville School District.

“So much more space that we didn't have in the old facility," Wilbourn said.

Students will also have to attend classes with construction for the next few years.

"Phase one is here and ready to go, and of course by 2015 it will all look brand new just like this," Wilbourn said.

In fewer than 24 hours, William Rosser will meet his new students. Even though he doesn't get as nervous as he used to, he's still excited about the school year.

"You're curious about what this new crop of students is going to be like and how the new addition is going to affect the travel time for the students back and forth," Rosser said Sunday.

This is the first year Fayetteville High School will have closed campus for lunch with one exception. Seniors who meet certain requirements will be allowed to leave campus with the new Smart Lunch Program.

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